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Kennedy Space Center Visitor ComplexKSC NASA, Florida USA

The John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is the NASA facility supporting Launch Complex 39 (LC-39), originally built for the Saturn V, the largest and most powerful operational launch vehicle in history, for the Apollo manned Moon landing program proposed by President John F. Kennedy. It was named in honor of Kennedy by his successor, President Lyndon B. Johnson, shortly after Kennedy’s death in 1963.

1240142Johnson Space Centre, Houtson, Texas USA

The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC) is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s center for human spaceflight training, research, and flight control. The center consists of a complex of one hundred buildings constructed on 1,620 acres (656 ha) in the Clear Lake Area of Houston which acquired the official nickname”Space City” in 1967.


US Space Rocket Centre, Huntsville, Alabama USA

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama is a museum operated by the government of Alabama, showcasing rockets, achievements, and artifacts of the U.S. space program. Sometimes billed as “Earth’s largest space museum”, astronaut Owen Garriott described the place as, “a great way to learn about space in a town that has embraced the space program from the very beginning.

Universal Studio, Orlando

Universal Studio Orlando, USA 

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Niagara Falls, New York USA


It is across the Niagara River from the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, with both cities named after the famed Niagara Falls which they share. It is part of the Buffalo–Niagara Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area as well as the Western New York region

Epcot, Florida USA


Epcot is the second of four theme parks built at Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida, near the city of Orlando.  The park use to host approximately 11.22 million guests every year, making it the fifth most visited theme park in the world. The park is represented by Spaceship Earth, a geodesic sphere that also serves as an attraction.

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Harvard–MIT Division  is one of the oldest and largest biomedical engineering and physician-scientist training programs in the United States and the longest-standing functional collaboration between Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This unique educational program brings engineering as well as the physical and biological sciences from the scientist’s bench to the patient’s bedside.  students are trained to have deep understanding of engineering,physical sciences, and the biological sciences, complemented with hands-on experience in the clinic or in industry; and they become conversant with the underlying quantitative and molecular aspects of medicine and biomedical science. Within the division, more than 400 graduate students work with eminent faculty and affiliated faculty members from throughout the MIT and Harvard communities.

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