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The word ‘parents’ has been used in the document which stands for parent/ parents/ guardian

Q1.  Who is eligible for NASA tour?

College/University and School Students from grade 5 to 12 are eligible for the program.

Q2.  What is the procedure of getting enrolled in the NASA tour?

First of all, your School, College/University is chosen by the tour organizers to be a part of the trip. Then after contacting your school, College/University notices are sent to the parents and interested parents are provided with our brochure and application forms. Students appear in a Test and it is only on qualifying this Test that they become eligible for applying for NASA tour. A general parent informational meeting is held to satisfy their queries about the program. Then parents have to fill all the forms and submit it with the Registration amount of Rs 30,000/-. Paying of Registration amount confirms the student for the trip officially.

Steps after that-

The student needs to have a valid passport or arrange for that if time permits.

Filling of all the details for visa online (with help form tour officials) and submitting of the second installment of the fee.

Getting all the documents ready for the visa and appearing for Visa. On obtaining Visa, parents submit the balance amount. The passports remain in the custody of the tour officials at all times before and during the tour.

Q3 After how much time will the tour take place if I register for the program today

Once enough applications are received from a School, College/University the procedure on an average is completed within 6 weeks.

Q4 Is there any limitation for the group size which can participate in the program

There is no limitation on the maximum number of students who can participate but for optimum handling of group it’s kept at 36. Min group size is 15. Students in a group can be clubbed from various Schools, College/University which also help students to foster collaboration.

Q5 Is my medical insurance covered in the total fee of the program? What about the other medical needs for the students?

The medical insurance is covered in the fees of the program. The tour company can’t be held responsible for medical situations or emergencies beyond its control. If student(s) is suffering from any particular ailment or allergy requiring special attention, please inform and get the special requirements arranged with the tour officials beforehand. Nevertheless, all kind of general medical needs, minor accidents and hygiene issues will be taken care by the adults accompanying the camp. Tour officials are trained and experienced to handle the medical as well as psychological needs of the children. Comprehensive steps for safety list will be issued to the students to minimize chances of any kind of danger or complication At least one female teacher would be there with the trip to help out the girl students when required. However, please note that Click Education Services, its Directors, Employees or Associates are not responsible in case of any natural or unnatural calamity, disaster, delay, accident, injury, loss of life or property of anybody under any circumstances.

Q6 What all is covered in the fee?

Program fee will cover all the expenses of the student during the trip viz. the Visa Fee, Return Air Tickets, Hotel Accommodation, food, Transportation, Kennedy Space Centre Fee and the tickets for all the venues listed in the schedule. This fee will also cover the inland transportation, i.e. the transportation within India. The student has only to carry the money for his personal shopping.

Q7 How will we get the visa for the program?

After confirming your participation by submitting your application with the Registration amount you will be required to submit your details for the visa. Then you will be intimated about the Visa Interview date at the Embassy where you need to appear with the said documents. Our company officials will help in the entire application process.

Q8 What kind of visa will we be getting? What would be its duration?

You will be getting a B1/B2 tourist Visa. Duration of the visa solely depends on US Embassy issuing it. Previously, students have been getting visa of duration ranging from 1 month to 10 years.

Q9 Can one use his US visa for visiting US before the trip?

Students will receive the visa sometime before the actual date of the trip. They may intend to visit US or any other country before the trip. But as per the policy once the students submit their passports in the US embassy on the day of visa interview, the passport will remain in custody of Click Education Services and they will only be returned after the trip ends.

Q10 What documents does one need to bring on the day of visa interview?

List of requirements will be intimated to the parents once the child is confirmed for participation. All process and even arrangements to go to VISA embassy will be handled by the officials.

Q11 What is the mode of payment?

Payment should be in the favor of Click Education Services via Cheque /DD or cash/ transfer whatever is feasible for the parents.

Q12 What kind of food and accommodation will be provided in US?

Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food will be provided to students. We can also serve Jain food on special prior request. Accommodation will be based on 3/4 sharing in a minimum of 3-4 star rated hotels.

Q13 Will there is any rebate in fee if candidate already possess the valid US visa for the duration of the program?

If you already possess a valid US visa for the duration of the program, an amount equal to the visa application fee will be reduced from the fee of the program.

Q14 Who will be looking after the students during the trip?

Teacher(s) from your College/University/ School and Our Tour Officials will be in charge of guiding you and looking after you for the whole duration of the trip.

Q15 Can my parents or any other relative be a part of the program?

This trip is meant only for Indian College/University and School students from grades 5 to 12. One or two teachers are allowed to accompany a group. Other than this no one else would be obliged in the program.

Q16 Can I visit any place other than the scheduled ones for the program?


Q17 Can my relatives visit me during the program? (Parents approval before leaving for the trip)


Q18 Can I extend my stay in US after the program finishes?


Q19 In case of emergency if my stay needs to be cut short, what will be the arrangements?

Extra charges as per air ticket rescheduling or any other arrangements will have to borne by the student.

Q 20 What is the risk of Swine Flu?

Swine Flu (H1N1) was a pandemic which affected the world in year 2009, but has been announced ended as On 10 August 2010 by the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan. So, the travel now is free from the risk of Swine Flu. Nonetheless, health and hygiene of the students is the foremost priority of the tour officials and a detailed safety plan will be implemented and students will be advised time and again to stick to that.

Q 21 What happens if the tour’s stay at USA is extended due to unforeseen cancellation of flights or in events of natural calamities?

God forbid, if there is any unforeseen cancellation of flights back to India due to some bad weather or natural or man made calamities / disasters or any other kind of happening or event which leads the group or any individual to extend their stay in USA beyond the pre-decided itinerary or any change / cancellation in itinerary or schedule of the group because of any reasons beyond our control, any and all expenses towards boarding, lodging, meals, transport, flight rescheduling, fines etc will be borne by the students and teachers and not us.

Q 22 What happens if any student runs away, goes absconding or missing in USA?

If a student goes missing or absconding in USA, we will duly file a report with the Police and make all efforts to trace and bring him / her back to India with the help of US Police Detectives and School authorities.

Q 23 What happens if a student does not get USA VISA?

Generally the students get USA Visa for 3 months to 10 years depending upon the quality of their interview. However, in case of VISA refusal by the USA Embassy, the Company will refund the registration amount deposited by the student after deducting Rs 30,000/- (Rupees Thirty Thousand only) on account of Visa Application fee and NASA fee, both of which are non-refundable.


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